when you realise that you are all alone

There comes a day when you realise that you are all alone. That no one is there for you. And then too you don’t want to talk or listen to anyone. What you really want to do is just let your mind get flooded with all those thoughts of pain, sorrow and worries, while you stare in the infinity and paint them on the blank canvas of your life.

But while you are busy in painting the blank canvas with those dark moments, someone silently comes and spread the bright colours with the dark ones, you realise that life is not all about those dark moments, it’s about the bright ones too that you haven’t seen or experienced. And that canvas you were painting on turns out to be a beautiful piece that only a master can create. Then you are glad of your master too. The master, who thought of not leaving you alone when everyone else did, and you have become what he conceived.

So admire the beautiful master piece that he has created out of you instead of spoiling the painting you are meant to be.


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