unsaid words

There she was lying lifeless

That 14 year old’s dream were limitless
she could be anything she wanted to be

But she could only be lifeless

At the the tender age of 14

She had the enthusiasm to conquer the world

But she only could be a source
To satisfy the ego of a devil

She Became the prey of intentions so evil

He saw her

Tried to talk her

When he failed

Started to stalk her

He kept indulging in act so henious

She kept going like a tigress
The monster decided to calm down his raging ,burning harmones

By throwing acid on her

By burning her body

By ruining her face

Damaging her soul

He couldn’t disfigure her spirit

He failed to scare her

So decided to disfigure her

the wounds were visible on her body

Flashing out her bones

But the soul was suffering more


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